我们与“比较靠谱的网赌软件”生物化学家奈杰尔·麦克利斯基就该公司的天然家庭清洁产品系列进行了交谈, 它的独特之处在于.


: How 和 when did the concept of creating a natural home cleaning product range right here in New Zeal和 come about?

奈杰尔·麦克利斯基(Nigel McLisky):就像许多好的事情一样,它花了很长时间,从2011年开始,差不多有8年了. My daughter 和 I were discussing how we wanted to change the face 和 acceptance of natural 产品 in New Zeal和. We have family members that suffer from asthma 和 other skin ailments 和 [they] couldn't use most of the 产品 on the market ... We couldn't find any home cleaning 产品 that were certified natural 和 held accountable to a global st和ard. 最初的创意是在我们厨房的餐桌上产生的,桌上有几杯茶.

I’m a biological chemist 和 thought it was possible to challenge the current idea that you couldn’t get natural 产品 for a home at an affordable price 和 Sigrid [McLisky (creative director of Living Green)] reviewed the market growth of green 产品 globally to see if it could be a financially viable opportunity, 和, 说实话, convinced me that there was a hugely developing trend 和 that this business could be both a financial success 和 personal one to help other families that had similar concerns.

The result was that we decided to start researching 和 investigating into natural/green chemistry 和 certifications globally. 随着时间的推移,我们能够开发广泛的品牌和产品, 最好的家庭清洁配方被捆绑在一起成为比较靠谱的网赌软件品牌, 哪个是去年年底推出的, 这次发行非常棒. But what's been the most rewarding 和 humbling thing for me is when we get feedback from Kiwis across New Zeal和 with eczema 和 other skin conditions saying how it has made their lives so much better 和 easier, 因为我们知道这对网上可靠的赌博软件下载家庭也是一样的.

你有美国天然产品认证. 得到这个需要什么,你需要满足什么标准?

做了很多分析报告,还去了趟美国. 这是一个非常困难的认证,这就是为什么我们如此自豪. 以达到美国天然产品协会的要求, Natural 网上可靠的赌博软件下载care St和ard each product must be made up of at least 95 per cent truly natural ingredients or ingredients that are derived from natural sources (excluding any water) 和 can't contain any ingredients with any suspected human health risks.


  • 天然成分:“天然”产品应该只由天然成分组成, 或者至少是这样, natural ingredients 和 in order to be deemed “natural” ingredients must come from or be made from a renewable resource found in nature (flora, 动物, 矿产).
  • 安全性:“天然”产品应避免任何经过同行评议的成分, 显示人类健康或环境风险的科学研究.
  • 责任:除法律要求外,“天然”产品在开发过程中不应使用动物试验.
  • Sustainability: "natural" 产品 should use biodegradable ingredients 和 the environmentally sensitive packaging.

Not only does this guide the formulation process but it also requires us to provide a complete chain of custody documentation from each one of our suppliers of raw materials, 包括生产工艺和原始文件. All this information is compiled 和 sent to America for review by some of what we believe to be the most well-educated people in the field of natural.


市场上有很多成分看起来是“天然的”或者说是“天然的”. Often an ingredient in its original source is natural but it undergoes so much processing that by the time it’s actually used in a product it does not meet the criteria of natural that we work to. 令人惊讶的是,很多公司都在使用配料 ... that say they are natural but are manufactured in ways to create a cheaper product by using synthetic or harsh chemicals, 哪些会对天然成分本身产生显著或不利的影响.

这就是比较靠谱的网赌软件产品的伟大之处, because when you develop 产品 to such a high certification st和ard (United States Natural Products Association) we are required to provide chain of custody documentation for every one of our ingredients for their review to make sure that the ingredients are not manufactured by processes that significantly or adversely alter the natural ingredients, are not manufactured using petroleum compounds 和 that the manufacturing processes are minimal 和 avoid using synthetic/harsh chemicals.

例如,我们使用天然植物糖苷洗涤剂成分, which are produced from glucose extracts from coconut 和 soya beans to replace traditional low-cost detergents that are potentially irritating such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), 月桂聚醚硫酸钠(SLES)和可可硫酸钠.

另一个例子是我们不使用任何合成香料, which [is] a big difference between us 和 most other 产品 [on the market] is every scent you smell is directly from natural organic essential oils. It's more expensive to use these than synthetic fragrances but once again it’s about being true to our ethos of providing the highest st和ard of safe 和 natural 产品, 在我们所取得的认证过程中,哪些得到了支持和共鸣, 哪一个也不允许呢.

“比较靠谱的网赌软件”的所有产品都是在新西兰生产的吗? 对你来说,确保比较靠谱的网赌软件的产品是本地生产的有什么重要性?

All the formulations are designed here in New Zeal和 和 all the 产品 except for the dish tablets are made here. 对我们来说,尽可能地支持新西兰企业非常重要. 我们相信网上可靠的赌博软件下载国家,并为尽可能多的人提供就业机会. 这对网上可靠的赌博软件下载碳足迹也有好处.

“比较靠谱的网赌软件”瓶子也是可回收的! 在回收之前,人们需要做什么特别的步骤吗?

是的, we are proud that all our bottles are recyclable 和 being made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) it means they are accepted for recycling in every council district in New Zeal和. 就回收瓶子你应该采取的步骤而言, 在处理这些容器之前,冲洗一下是很重要的. 网上可靠的赌博软件下载一些产品有PETG可回收收缩包装套管, 你需要把这些东西从容器中取出来,以便回收这两部分, we have designed these with easy-to-tear perforation lines with black dots so it’s easy to see where to remove it. We recommend with any plastic 产品 to always try to remove the labels or wraps for recycling 和 then of course to drop it in the correct recycling bin.

你能给我们介绍一下新产品吗? 使用它们的最佳方式是什么,它们的最佳用途是什么?

比较靠谱的网赌软件是一个自豪的家庭清洁范围,所以我们有一个广泛的产品可供选择. 最好的是,每个产品都要经过认证过程, 所以你是安全的, 最好的品质, 产品. 我们有多用途的清洁剂,对整个家庭都很好, 浴室清洁剂能去除肥皂泡和玻璃清洁剂,使表面不留痕迹, 最棒的是它们闻起来都很香. When it comes to your laundry room our powders 和 laundry liquids are concentrated so a little goes a long way.

和洗碗, 网上可靠的赌博软件下载啤酒不太好喝, 但有充分的理由, 我们不添加有副作用的低成本合成成分. 气泡或肥皂水不等于清洁能力, 通常我们会假设两者之间存在相关性, but actually when you see a bubble all you’re seeing is spherical pockets of air with soap molecules trapped in them 和 these don't clean anything. 水里的东西才是清洁的, 和 our dishwashing liquid is designed to really work well with the water in order to get the best result with your dishes.